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Ecclesia Tabula Smaragdina

Church of the Emerald Tablet


In keeping with the primary tenet of Rosicrucianism, Rev. Ambrose Mellifico performs healing rites every Wednesday evening according to prayer requests received through the Church. These particular healing services are rendered to both members and non-members and are performed live via Zoom, or if requested, in private.

Rev. Mellifico also offers divination services to members on a one-on-one basis using mediums such as tarot, geomancy, Homeric bibliomancy (PGM VII. 1-148), and Zoroaster's Telescope.

If local to Cincinnati, Ohio, Rev. Mellifico offers Christian sacraments to members of the Church, such as Holy Matrimony, Baptism, various blessings, exorcisms, etc.

Other bespoke magical and religious services can be offered to members upon request, and all services are provided for free.


Our church relies less on dogma and more on the path to Gnosis. Syncretism is welcomed, the same as it was in late-antique Hermetism. Our only membership requirement is that one can recite both Creeds with no mental reservation.

Benefits of membership include certificate of membership, Christian sacraments, divination services (tarot, geomancy, bibliomancy, ZT), and other bespoke magical and religious services. Although these services are provided free of cost, donation are accepted to cover costs of things such as Zoom subscription, incense, candles, paper, and other typical items.

About Us

The Church of the Emerald Tablet operates as a branch of the International Alchemy Guild under the auspices of Rev. Ambrose Mellifico. It was originally founded by Dennis William Hauck (founder of the IAG) in 1996 and was passed on to Rev. Mellifico in 2023. Its original mission was to act as the spiritual heart of the IAG. Dennis wished to create a body which functioned as an institution for the practice of spiritual alchemy in a religious format.


Today, we wish to keep true to this mission. Our church wishes to offer not only sacraments, but rites and prayers according to a weekly cycle that one can adopt as part of their daily practice.  This material relies on traditional teachings found in congruent western esoteric philosophies. We smoothly amalgamate under our umbrella streams of spirituality such as Hermeticism (classical, renaissance, and modern), western alchemy, and various manifestations of the Christian religion (Rosicrucianism, Roman and Orthodox Catholic, Orders of Chivalry, etc.).


Rev. Ambrose Mellifico received his ordination through l'Eglise Templière Ancienne and holds titles in several other Masonic and initiatic institutions. He lives, prays the hours, performs duties, and holds services at the Bibliotheca Ortu Solis in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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